Thursday, July 13, 2006

Movie Review: Mr. & Mrs. Smith.....

The only thing that sort of saves this DOG is the two of these so good looking actors. And of course the fact that they were falling in love while making this terrible movie.

What in the world are these people in Hollywood thinking? Obviously it cost a lot of money to make this movie and the idea is so great, but what they do with it is just a ridiculous bunch of shoot them up blow them up debris full mess.

I only give it one star because of the curiosity factor.

don't' bother, and if you must only watch it if you could fast forward... you will really need this feature for those parts that get so tedious.

So just announced today that Jolie and Pitt will star together in a new movie: "A Mighty Hear: The Brave Llife and Death of My Husband Danny Pearl,"

Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan.

Jolie will star as Pearl's wife, Mariane Pearl, in an adaptation of her book, "A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Danny Pearl," it was announced Thursday. Pitt will produce the film, directed by Michael Winterbottom.

In an ironic twist, the movie will be produced by Revolution Films and Plan B, the production company Pitt and his former wife, Jennifer Aniston, founded. Pitt and Aniston, who were divorced last year, remain co-owners of the company.

Already then, this sounds kind of familiar, Jolie starred in a movie called "Beyond Borders" sounds very much similar.

We will see....

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