Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Paybak's a Bitch

Kudos to KTLA for -- finally -- listening to its viewers and restoring Stephanie to the Rose Parade team.

I seldom sign petitions or write to television programmers but the Rose Parade was just not the same without Stephanie Edwards so this petition I signed. I've been a fan of Stephanie for years way back when she had a morning show with Ralph Story. All old people but like old shoes so comfy and so reassuring that the world is fine and the voice I hear during those beautiful flowered floats is Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks.

In 2006 Stephanie was shoved to the street with an umbrella in the pouring rain with horses and marching bands whizzing by her. She was replaced by the much younger Michaela Pereira who had no idea what was going on, the friendly banter was gone only the "screaching" voice inappropriate laughter and dumb remarks from Michaela. Then Stephanie was dumped all together, thank goodness there are other stations but I really missed Stephanie.

This New Years morning I could not believe my eyes, there was Stephanie back and Michaela on the street. Paybak's a bitch.