Friday, May 26, 2006

The DaVinci Code...

When I read fiction, I'm expecting a fictional story not a history lesson.

I listened to Dan Brown's books on my iPod from Audible and had a great time knitting while listening. It was entertaining I thought, a fictional story with just enough of "that could happen" in it for me to follow the story. I also liked the travel aspect, touring the Louvre and Paris, driving through Europe was a lot of fun.

I actually liked Angels and Demons too which in my opinion shoud be read first, Dan Brown refers back to last year and if you did not read Angels and Demons you don't know what he is talking about. So in my opinion The DaVinci Code is a sequal to Angels and Demons. Now as far a real? Well it could happen and not being a science genious I didn't know or care if the story was all fiction and well researched or not. It's a story not a science lesson.

Then there is the Deception Point, different subject same "ride", formula writers, Grisham, King etc. are all entertaining some more than others. So I thought I'll go for it and get Dan Brown's third book Digital Fortress, but this one was so predictable, the same premise and so the same old formula that I wasn't even able to finish listening even though I have a great project to knit.