Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A book Review: Shantaram

Actually I just downloaded this novel from Audible. This should give me plenty of tedious knitting to do, the book unabridged is 43 hours yes this is not a typo I said forty three hours long! Wow!

So as I started listening it grabbed me right away. The reader is very talented actor and does a superb job reading this book to me as I knit along.

I feel that I am in Bombay, India. Riding the bus and walking the busy streets and visiting stores, restaurants and hotels. The descriptions are vivid without being overdone. Characters precisely described that I feel like I know them personally.

I am thrilled that it's a long long book (43 hours), it's a perfect accompaniment to a Hanne Falkenberg project. Lots of stitches knitted in garter stitch.

I originally saw that Johnny Depp is signed on to make this novel into a movie in 2007 and being a Johnny Depp fan I was curious. But they are so wrong this character should go to Russell Crowe! Hands down no bones about it. But I guess it's too late, Johnny paid 2 million dollars for the rights of this book so, I will be looking forward to see his interpretation.

And maybe Johnny will do a good job he certainly has the talent, and Russell Crowe is sort of predictable for the role. I'm dying to see this movie.

This is supposed to be a "true" story.....well most of it is almost believable but a hell of a ride.

Who is this author?

He is a brilliant writer I think. Here are some information I was reading about him.

He was studying philosophy when his marriage broke up. He was imprisoned as punishment for a series of toy gun robberies that earned him the name “Gentleman Bandit”.

He went on to escape from Victoria’s maximum-security prison in broad daylight, thereby becoming one of Australia’s most wanted men for what turned out to be the next ten years.

After some startling adventures and escapes in New Zealand, Greg travelled to Bombay, India, where he set up a free health clinic in the slums, acted in Bollywood movies, worked for the Bombay mafia as a forger, counterfeiter, and smuggler and, as a gunrunner, resupplied a unit of Mujaheddin guerrilla fighters in Afghanistan.
He was captured in Germany in 1990, was imprisoned and extradited to Australia where he completed his prison sentence.

Apart from having this highly unusual personal background he is fluent in several languages, he has studied philosophy, comparative religion, psychology, particle physics, politics, anthropology, and ancient history. His experience ranges from the slums of Bombay to the palaces of the city’s movie stars, from prison torture to being front-man for a successful rock group, from the battlefield to the boardroom, and from jailbreak to international success as an acclaimed novelist.

He went on to establish a small multi-media company, and is now a full-time writer living in Melbourne. His novel, 'Shantaram', based on his wild and wicked life, has been described as a masterpiece. The Hollywood movie version of the novel is set to begin in 2007 and stars Johnny Depp. The film rights, $2 million dollars, set a new record!

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