Monday, June 05, 2006

Beach Road book review.....

"Beach Road" by James Patterson, Peter de Jonge

Boy it took 2 people to writed this dog!

If I didn't get this on Audible I can not imagine being able to finish reading this dog. The writing is maybe on 6th grade level, the story is ho hum boring. Barely kept my attention but listening to a book is different, while doing dishes and folding laundry, it sort of went along with the ho hum job to listen to a ho hum book. The ending is so predictable that I actually listenend right to the end to validate "just as I thought" moment.

Another "cookie cutter" book. When I first started listening to this book and realized that it was not just read to me but has been "dramatized" by different readers, I was put off. Actually it kind of worked for this book, however the content is very poorly written and so predictable that at best it was barely a mere 2 stars. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because I somehow managed to finish listening.....

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