Friday, August 12, 2005

My Dentist Retired!

My fears of many many years have come true. My favorite dentist of 30 years has retired! Oh no my teeth, he is the best! But I wish him well. It is hard when you so totally trust a dentist for such a long time and it ends. Our teeth are so precious they have to serve us for a long time (hopefully). Some of my friends have lost teeth and what a nightmare not to be able to chew well.... Shish that is the worse.

So young people out there take the advice of this senior citizen: TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH!

You won't be sorry.

Dr. Rota, a former UCLA professor and now retired dentist, has lectured around the world and appeared on television regarding his 30-year investigation of illnesses related to dental mercury filling.
Check out his current project at

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